What is the Customer Success Alliance?

The Customer Success Alliance (CSAlliance) is a collaborative B2B sales and marketing consultancy comprised of Corrao Group and Binary Pulse. Through a proven strategic development methodology, the CSAlliance helps organizations of all sizes align sales and marketing automation to long-term business goals and keep campaigns fueled with engaging content.

Our Founding Members

Corrao Group is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and Pardot Select Partner focused on the planning, deployment and management of the Salesforce and Pardot platforms. Corrao Group helps B2B organizations of all sizes successfully optimize their business processes to ensure they achieve their business objectives.

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Binary Pulse is a marketing firm dedicated to the creation of digital, print and video content that sustains marketing automation campaigns. Binary Pulse helps B2B organizations better understand and speak to their target audiences through relevant, coordinated and compelling drip campaigns that deliver measurable results.

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The Union of Knowing and Doing

Consultancy isn’t secret code for all talk. The Customer Success Alliance has been planning, implementing and managing Salesforce and Pardot deployments for eight years. Used in part or in whole, our collaborative services offer the roll-up-our-sleeves performance that delivers B2B tangible sales and marketing results.

CSAlliance strategic engagements focus on developing a unified Lead-to-Cash strategy. Through interviews with key staff members, Corrao Group and Binary Pulse identify and document a unique customer’s journey: from first touch, to first sale, to service request, and to a repeat customer.

When it comes to implementing Salesforce and Pardot, Corrao Group will lead you through the discovery process and architect the requirements at every step of the marketing automation process, ensuring your implementation successfully delivers a one-to-one sales and marketing experience.

In order to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, Binary Pulse first accurately assesses the state of your existing content. This Content Audit lays the groundwork for planning and developing the targeted types of content that audiences desire and that drip campaigns required to sustain success.

How Can We Help?

There are probably a lot of things you want to get done. Good thing is, there are a lot of ways we can help. Discover some of them below.

No worries. You’ve made an excellent marketing automation choice with Pardot. Now the next best choice is to pick a team that can not only get you up, configured and running in a way that’s calibrated to your business goals, but can also sustain performance over time with complete content creation services.

We can help you define and/or refine your mailing lists to make sure you\’re talking with the right audiences. We’ll then confirm how your content aligns to your prospects’ buyers’ journeys and configure drip campaigns to match. When we’re done, you’ll just pretty much need to push the ego button and let the machine purr.

If you’re a savvy marketer and have your content gameplan together, that’s great. We’ll give you the technical support you need to make sure technology only helps, rather than hinders, you. Corrao Group is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner for a reason.

It’s good that you know that, to make marketing automation effective, you have to feed the machine. Binary Pulse can support you with virtually any content creation needs you may have, from infographics and SlideShare decks, to blog posts and video features. All on-brand and on-point.

If a great looking landing page and/or email is the last speed bump you need to clear in order to start Pardot running, Binary Pulse can design, code and set up as many layouts as you need. Just assign them to your campaigns and you’re off and running.

Buying Salesforce and/or Pardot is a great step in supercharging your sales and marketing efforts. But you need to make sure you’re aligned to real business objectives. The Customer Success Alliance was founded by sales and marketing executives like you; we’re more than just developers. As a result, you can enjoy continuity of partnership from strategy through implementation.

Why Choose the Customer Success Alliance?

All roads lead to
Whether we’re deploying in the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud, (or all of them), you can get the same outstanding results. We’re proud inhabitants of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Business goals first
We resist the temptation other Salesforce implementation partners succumb to lead with technology. We put your business objectives before all. The tail never wags the dog.

We keep it simple
We’ve built smart systems to complement our smart people. The result is speed of implementation and simplicity of interaction. The way we look at it, making things difficult only lengthens the road to results.

Proven leadership
With more than eight years in collaborative partnership, more than 900+ Salesforce implementations and thousands of projects under our collective belts, you\’d be hard pressed to find a more experienced and capable partner.

Let's Get This Show On the Road

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